About Us

Within over 17 years, Andra Musatescu Law & Industrial Property Offices became one of the top firms in Romania, which brings high quality work, depth of knowledge, superior customer service, state-of-the-art resources, formidable litigation capabilities and competitive rates.

The Firm is a full service office, which is mostly known for its intellectual property expertise.

What sets us apart from other law firms is the personalization of the service, the flexibility and the dedication of its attorneys, supported by paralegals and administrative staff, who each speak at least three of the following languages fluently: Romanian, English, Hungarian and French.

Our team comprises young professionals educated in Romania and the United Kingdom, with certificates in US legislation, giving the firm an international dimension and excellent legal experience.

The team routinely undertakes complex trade mark cases [...] (Legal 500, 2014).

Andra Musatescu Law & Industrial Property Offices is a fast growing office, the professionalism of which speaks for itself.

1. Clients

We are currently advising Global Fortune 500 Companies and well-known multinationals, inter alia, the multinational telecom company which is the leader on the Romanian market for telecommunications; major producer of news and entertainment around the world, as well as well-known international spirits, textile, sports-wear, perfume, baby food, car, truck and bus producers; cable television networks; internet service providers; acoustic products and solutions covering; advertising companies; creators, producers and distributors of outstanding entertainment brands; production and music recording companies; media TV channels and pharmaceutical companies.

2. Practice areas

Our Offices are involved in both litigation and legal counseling, as well as in all aspects of representation before Romanian and international institutions, such as: Romanian Office for Patents and Trademarks (OSIM), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), Customs Offices.

We have a vast experience in advising multinational clients on intellectual property matters from the creation of an industrial property right, to its clearance for registration, its registration and the exercise of the rights obtained by registration, to any court procedures at all levels of jurisdiction, including the Supreme Court of Romania where landmark decisions were obtained.

Our firms are also experienced in negotiations, many of the cases of infringement being settled between parties and we are known for anticipating the problems, which can occur in protecting an intellectual property right and recommending the best solutions for the clients in terms of overcoming any such potential obstacles.

We are also extensively involved in protecting the interests and trademarks of our clients in customs matters in relation to counterfeited goods, by filing custom applications and being appointed as representatives, as well as by representing our clients in front of the courts.

With respect to intellectual property, we have experience in all aspects related to IP, including the following services / activities:

  • Advising upon registration requirements and filing for trademark registrations, renewals and other trademark procedures at national level (i.e. national trademarks), via Madrid Agreement and Protocol (i.e. international trademarks), as well as through EU (i.e. community trademarks);
  • Registering and renewing trademarks as required and advising on actions to be taken to defend registered trademarks;
  • Advising upon registration requirements and filing for design registrations, renewals and other design procedures at the national level (i.e. national designs), via Hague Agreement (i.e. international designs) and at the EU level (i.e. community designs);
  • Undertaking trademark, design and patent searches;
  • Filing and advising on handling court proceedings in relation to intellectual property issues;
  • Advising clients on breach of copyright;
  • Advising on trademark, design, copyright infringement issues;
  • Preparing due-diligence reports and drafting legal opinions with respect to the status of all intellectual property rights;
  • Counseling clients on issues of confusion of similar trademarks, infringement of the intellectual property rights, fight against counterfeiting and piracy and unfair commercial practices, as well as on trademark dilution aspects;
  • Reviewing and drafting assigning contracts, licenses agreements and granting consent documents in the field of intellectual property and registering the said documents with the local Patent Office;
  • Drafting cease-and-desist letters to infringing parties and preparing various legal opinions on most aspects of intellectual property rights;
  • Advising on and preparing customs applications and being involved in all customs procedures related to intellectual property.
  • Being involved in domain name disputes and litigation;
  • Reviewing print and broadcast advertising of consumer goods and services;
  • Advising clients on consumer protection legislation;
  • Advising clients on marketing over the Internet;
  • Assisting clients in complex re-branding projects;
  • Handling important appeals of trademark decisions.

3. Affiliations

Andra Musatescu Industrial Property Office is a member in good standing of different organizations, among which, the following:

  • International Trademark Association (INTA),
  • European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA),
  • International Association for Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI),
  • Romanian Chamber of Industrial Property Attorneys (CNCPI),
  • Bucharest Bar Association,
  • American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham),
  • The Pharmaceutical Trade Marks Group (PTMG),
  • Romanian Association for Energy Policies (APER).

4. History

In 2000, Andra Musatescu Law Office became associated with a well-known Washington, D.C based law firm, which had other offices in New York and Romania and advised a number of local and international clients on various intellectual property issues in Romania.

Prior, our firm advised another large Romanian law firm on trademark, corporate and energy matters.

In 2001 our firm was extended with the Andra Musatescu Industrial Property Office.

Further, our firm became indirectly associated with another American company with 32 offices throughout the word, due to the withdrawal from the Romanian market of the Washington, D.C based law firm.

The industry sectors in which our Firm has undertaken these activities include, among others, clothing and textiles, petroleum, manufacturing, food and snacks, beer, soft drinks and spirits, pharmaceuticals, chocolate and cigarette producers and GSM operators.